Services Provided at JU&A


JU&A is - first and foremost - a group of advisers that helps aged care service organisations to run more efficiently, achieve their goals, build their businesses and maximise returns whilst achieving maximum staff and customer outcomes. We are a single-sector consulting group. We only work in aged care and have successfully assisted organisations to meet almost every type of challenge and goal. We assist with:
  • Accommodation Pricing Plans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Key Features Statements
  • RADs & DAPs
  • Applications for Level 3 RADs
  • ACAR & HACC applications
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Income Maximization Strategies
  • Accommodation Bond Strategies
  • Budget reviews
  • Strategic Planning
  • Management Reviews
  • Change Management
  • Change of Management
  • Unfunded Places Strategies
  • Roster Analysis
  • Implementation of New Reporting Systems
  • Corporate Identification and Marketing
  • Systems Reviews
  • Quality Assurance & Accreditation Assistance
  • Catering, Cleaning, Laundry and Maintenance Changes
  • Contracting Out
  • Growth Strategies
  • Rescues
  • Participation in Planning for Rebuilding/Refurbishing/Buying/Closing/Selling/Leasing/Relocating
  • Salary Packaging Reviews
  • General Aged Care Management Consulting

The JU&A National Executive Salary Review - Aged Care (NESR)

Through our involvement in recruiting and appraising senior staff, we have constantly noted a lack of industry-specific salary benchmarks. Therefore, we have developed the National Executive Salary Review - Aged Care. The survey includes salaries and all benefits; is shown on a state-by-state basis; and is bench-ranged for confidentiality.

The JU&A Resident Agreement Package (RAP)

James Underwood & Associates provides a Resident Agreement Package (RAP) containing a Pre-Admission Agreement, Resident Agreements, Brochures, Rules of Residency and Handouts to meet the requirements of today's residential aged care facilities. This documentation has been sold to almost 200 Australian facilities and is in use in every Australian State and Territory. A unique feature is automatic e-mail updating of all Package information in regard to changes to Departmental policy and rates, Government legislation, Department of Social Services (Centrelink) rules and to implement best practice. RAPs can also be tailored specifically to extra services.

"The Resident Care Agreement & Respite Agreement is the most professional agreement I have seen in the Aged Care Industry."
Inara Kourakis
Director of Administration & Nursing
The War Veterans Home

Click here for a RAP brochure /Order Form or contact us for further information


ACAR Applications

JU&A has a wealth of experience and success in preparing successful ACAR applications for:

·         High Care



·         Low Care



·         ES Status

·         Level 1,2,3 & 4 Home Care Pckgs

 (formerly CACPs, EACHs & EACHDs)

·         ZRILs



·         CDCs

In ACAR 2012/13, of the organisations JU&A applied for, 74% had success. JU&A successfully applied for the only, new (89 bed) nursing home in Northern Sydney. Additionally, JU&A successfully applied for over $10million of ZRILs, with some individual grants over $4million - amongst the highest in the country.

In ACAR 2009/10, JU&A secured 14% of all places in the country for our clients. This was the sixth year in a row of getting more than 10% of all national places in ACAR. We secured not less than 37% of approved residential places in Queensland

Applications for Residential Care Grants, Restructuring Grants and Other Grants.

JU&A Ageing Matters e-Newsletter

JU&A produces a weekly newsletter on current nursing home and hostel topics. Aged care organisations are invited to subscribe to this newsletter. There are over 1200 persons located throughout all states of Australia plus the Northern Territory that subscribe to this newsletter!

JU&A used to produce quarterly newsletters. To view our archived editions of these hard copy Newsletter please
click here. To subcribe to our Newsletter please contact us.

Private Employment Agent

James Underwood is a licenced Private Employment Agent. We have successfully sourced and placed dozens of CEOs, Managers, DONs and other senior positions over many years. We also specialise in temporary or acting senior management staff. 


Senior Employee Performance Management

We have comprehensive procedures for appraisal of senior staff. We undertake end of probation appraisals and as required appraisals in a fully consultative methodology. 

ACFI Review and Training

Our senior nurse consultants have extensive qualifications and experience in providing assistance with ACFI Reviews and Training for your care staff in most states. We have had great success in maximising and substantiating ACFI claims.

Market Review and Sales

We have developed a Market Review covering the sale of High Care (Nursing Home) and Low Care (Hostel) facilities throughout Australia. This information is updated constantly from industry sources and is available to assist organisations and their valuers or advisers in determining the values of their assets for insurance purposes, sales and purchases.

To obtain a copy of JU&A's advice of Sale Prices of Residential Care Places and Home Care Packages as at 30 June 2013, please use this order form or contact us on 07 3229 8955


JU&A is directly involved with the buying, selling and leasing of nursing homes and hostels through associated business brokers and real estate agents. James Underwood has acted as the consultant in sales of bed licences, freeholds and leaseholds. We assist vendors, purchasers, solicitors, valuers, banks and other financial institutions. Some of our past sales have achieved record prices per place.


James Underwood & Associates provides management services for High Care and Low Care facilities including all accounting, payroll and billing (subcontracted), financial management and short-term total management. Full management on an ongoing basis is not normally sought by JU&A. Instead, we can and do put the procedures and systems in place for successful management and we can take a structured, ongoing monitoring/review role - a very cost-effective option!


Quality Assurance Services

James Underwood & Associates has a quality assurance services wing which provides consultancy and training to aged care facilities throughout Australia. Our nurse consultants, workplace health and safety specialists, dietician, speech pathologist and other health professionals assist homes to become - and stay - accredited.

Extra Services

JU&A is the principal group in Australia for commencing extra services approvals for new or existing homes. We have assisted in the successful start-up of new extra services wings or homes in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and the ACT. Since the benchmark-based ES application system was introduced in October 2003, JU&A have successfully submitted 140 ES applications. In 2008 alone, JU&A submitted an enormous 64 ES applications with 28 of the 56 services awarded ES status in the February 2008 application round being prepared and submitted by JU&A. We are also heavily involved in the successful implementation of ES in homes in every state and the ACT. This includes staff training; preparation of resident agreements; flexible bond and fee arrangements; marketing etc.