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Professional Advice & Assistance

 JU&A is a single-sector consulting group - we only work in aged care. We work closely with clients in every state and territory in Australia. Our team of eight personnel as staff or contractors includes two accountants, a health scientist, senior nurse consultants, a marketing consultant, management consultants and support staff. We also utiliise specialists in other fields to assist us to have a complete team available wherever our services are required.


Financial Analysis & Benchmarking


The James Underwood & Associates National Executive Salary Review is available!  
Providing detailed, specific salary and benefits data by state and by size of organisation for executive and senior staff positions within aged care organisations. Click here for more info!



Maximise Customer & Staff Outcomes

Our range of services is aimed at assisting aged care providers to successfully meet and exceed consumer desires and expectations. Staff satisfaction is also enhanced via the provision of the resources and support necessary to effective and efficient management at all levels of an organisation.

CDC & Home Care Package Agreements

In addition to providing Resident Admission Packages (RAPs), JU&A produces two types of Home Care Package Agreements, both reflecting the legislative changes of the Living Longer. Living Better. reform. Our new Consumer Directed Care (CDC) Package Agreement has been developed for use with Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 Home Care Packages, and existing CACPs, EACHs & EACHDs that have CDC principles. The agreement is a standard booklet which includes a schedule and the budget. Our original Home Care Package Agreement has been in use with providers across Australia for several years. It is for use with existing Community Care Packages being "grandparented" until 1 July 2015, from when they must be offered on a CDC basis. If you have any questions, please contact our office and we would be more than happy to assist.


Welcome to JU&A 

Our goal is to promote and achieve professional, successful provision of aged care that gives excellent outcomes for customers and staff whilst maximising long-term return on investment.

In our 22nd year of aged care consulting, James Underwood & Associates is the leading Australian firm of management consultants for aged care. We have developed a huge customer base of religious and charitable, private-sector, local government and state government service providers across the nation.

We assist with: compliance with Commonwealth, State and Local Government requirements; income maximisation; restructuring; rebuilding; ACAR, ZRIL & HACC applications; Accommodation Pricing Plans; Marketing Plans; Key Features Statements; RADs & DAPs and all "prescribed factors" to consider; applications for Level 3 RADs; commencement of new services; implementation of Extra Services; strategic and business planning; recruitment of senior staff; and general advising. With our nurse consulting wing, we are involved in every aspect of quality systems, accreditation and change management.

The JU&A Resident Agreement Package (RAP)

James Underwood & Associates provides a Resident Agreement Package (RAP) containing a Pre-Admission Agreement, Resident Agreements, Brochures, Rules of Residency and Handouts to meet the requirements of today's residential aged care facilities. This documentation has been sold to almost 200 Australian facilities and is in use in every Australian State and Territory. A unique feature is automatic e-mail updating of all Package information in regard to changes to Departmental policy and rates, Government legislation, Department of Human Services (Centrelink) rules and to implement best practice. RAPs can also be tailored specifically to extra services.

Click here for a RAP brochure /Order Form
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The Canaries in the Mine

James recently wrote an article for use by a major aged care group very concerned about the possibility of their capital holdings falling as a result of the requirement to give all new residents the option to pay a DAP instead of a lump sum.

 A fall in lump sums could result in breach of their banking covenants!

 James suggests that, if consumers actually did move to paying by daily payments instead of lumps sums, then smaller rural and regional low care services would be the first to "run out of cash” and this should force the government to change policy to fix the problem.

 They are the “canaries in the mine”.

Click here for full article

StopLoss Mechanism - A Solution to Likely Loss of Bond Lump Sums from 1 July 2014

JU&A was asked to research solutions to concerns regarding a possible “flight of capital” for some residential aged care providers following the commencement of optional payment of lump sums from 1 July 2014. 

Following is James Underwood’s paper with one solution to this challenge: StopLoss Mechanism - A Solution to Likely Loss of Bond Lump Sums from 1 July 2014.


JU&A Response to the Consultation on the Draft Guide and Application Form for Accommodation Payments above $550,000 (Level 3 RADs and DAPs)

James Underwood & Associates has submitted comments to the Aged Care Pricing Commissioner on 13 Jan 2014, in response to the public consultation on Level 3 RADs/DAPs draft guide and application form. JU&A’s paper can be found here


LLLB will assist Regional, Rural and Remote (RR&R)

In 2013, JU&A has further reviewed the information issued by the Department of Social Services and the possible impacts of the new accommodation payments as part of LLLB. JU&A has found that it will assist Regional, Rural & Remote providers (RR&R)


Analysis of LLLB Impact on Residential Care as at Feb 2013 


Further to the release of the Living Longer, Living Better Aged Care Reform Package in  April 2012, JU&A has been responding to a number of queries, through FAQs and instant updates, and reacting to the additional Reform information being regularly issued by the Federal Government. These are published on this website. Instant updates are also posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

Notably, following the 21 Dec 2012 ministerial announcement on Accommodation Payments for Entry into Residential Care from 1 July 2014, JU&A has prepared an analysis of the LLLB Impact on resdential aged care to assist in understanding the Reform and the implications of the changes announced. 




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“This is the first seminar where concepts started to “sink in”. James is very good at explaining in an easy to follow manner. It was also well paced. Thanks.”

Simon Matthews, Group Business Planning Manager, Anglicare SA. Mar 2014


“Thanks James, again just what is needed. Great”

Lorraine Garland, CEO, Queensland Rehabilitation Services. 21 Nov 2013


“James has done it again! He has managed to simplify what is seen as a complex new funding system into a useable format for providers. Well done!”

Wayne Temby, Chief Financial Officer, Warrigal. 27 Nov 2013



Angelika Koplin, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Aged Care Group. 2 Dec 2013


“Great information. Thank You.”

Linda Jackson, General Manager, RSL Care WA. 20 Feb 2014


“James made a complicated issue more easily understood and instilled a sense of calm amongst those in the room”

Ann Turnbull, Chief Executive Officer, Lynden Aged Care. 2 Dec 2013


“This seminar was very informative, engaging and assisted to validate and solidify knowledge towards Reform implementation.”

Jerome Jordan, Executive Director - Operations, Japara. Mar 2014


“Invaluable as always.”

KAren Borthwick, Director of Care, RAAFA WA. 20 Feb 2014


“Excellently presented. Simply presented on a complex subject. Thankyou.”

Kevin Mercer, CEO, Holy Spirit Care Services.  21 Nov 2013


“Well-presented, very informative.”

Jo-Ann Dalton, GM Finance, Hardi Aged Care. 27 Nov 2013


“Excellent commentary on a complex area”

John Sattler, Business Manager,The Mary Ogilvy Homes Society.2 Dec 2013


“Delivery was great! Well researched, organised and much appreciated the time allowed to answer questions, much better understanding of accommodation pricing. Thank you.”

Gail Adler, CEO, Matthew Flinders Home Inc. Anglicare SA. Mar 2014


“Informative - look forward to reading additional supplied information.”

Gary Bladgen, Chief Executive Officer, Adventist Residential Care. 20 Feb 2014


“Great quality information and presentation I have come to expect from JU&A. Well done and thank you!”

Alex Metcalf, General Manager, Pittsworth & District Hospital. 21 Nov 2013


“Succinct and on point.”

Rod Young, Illawarra Retirement Trust. 27 Nov 2013


“Very informative and gave us a positive view of all these changes.”

Suresh Rajendra, GM Finance, Amana Living. 20 Feb 2014


“Awesome. Really clarified my thoughts and put me at ease with the pricing process. Well done with the late notice changes.”

Beth Hoffman, Finance Manager, Sunnymeade Park Aged Care Community. 21 Nov 2013


“Great learning experience. Good examples and good explanations - willing to answer all questions.”

Mary Goldsack, CEO/DON, Riverview Lutheran Rest Home. Mar 2014



Remy Vejano, Managing Director, Cumberland Manor. 2 Dec 2013


“It was made simple and clear to understand, took away some of the fear of change.”

Yvonne Ayre, General Manager, Regents Garden Group. 20 Feb 2014


“Informative, did make me feel a little more confident. Keeping my Extra Services”.

Megan D’Elton, CEO, NoosaCare Inc. 21 Nov 2013


“The information was great and some outside the square and inspirational for the providers.”

Serge Voloschenko, Chairman, Pine Lodge. 21 Nov 2013


“Finally got an understanding of reforms.”

Mark Henschke, Business Manager, Wheatfields Inc. Mar 2014