National Executive Salary Review (NESR)

James Underwood and Associates is frequently involved in placing CEOs, DONs and other senior personnel in aged care organisations around the country. We are also regularly involved in appraisals of senior management. 

Since 2001, in response to a need for industry-specific salary benchmarks, we have conducted the NESR – a report that provides information on full salary and benefits benchmarks by state location and by size and type of organisation for the standard executive positions within aged residential and home care.

A unique feature of this survey is that it is constantly updated. It is not just an ‘annual’ survey. New participants enter their data throughout the year. You can access this data whenever you need it: budget time, staff appraisals, staff recruitment… and get the latest data!

When issuing the results, we assure the utmost confidentiality: each participant is given a code and we always round the numbers of RACS places in each facility to the nearest 10.

Below is a brief excerpt from the current review for your information:


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