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JU&A has an enormous network of industry links and associated consultants throughout Australia.

* Nurse Consultants 
* Architects
* Health
* Solicitors and Industrial Advocacy
* Industry Associations
* The Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) 


Nurse Consultants

We have three nurse consultants who are exceptionally well-credentialed in this industry and work with us on a staff, contract or part-time basis. These include Catherine Miller, a qualified accreditation auditor, and Carolyn Hale, both with very extensive experience in residential aged care projects.


JU&A works extremely closely with many architect groups in all stages of master planning, development, upgrading, certification reviews and works for accreditation. We work extensively with larger groups as well as the smaller architect firms that specialise in residential aged care. 



Increasingly, it is important to look outside the traditional aged residential and home care options. The options which may be available through State Health also may require analysis. This will include interim care, transitional care, Home and Community Care (HACC), and, in some cases, acute care and other forms of step-down care. 

Solicitors and Industrial Advocacy

Many issues have a substantial legal component. Common areas include complaints, contracts and staff-related industrial issues. The Retirement Villages Acts in most states must be considered with any non Commonwealth-funded activities where a bond or ingoing is taken. We work very closely with many industry-specific solicitors including Annie O'Connor of Phillips Fox and Derek Sutherland of Dibbs, Barker, Gosling.

Industry Associations

James Underwood has been a member of Aged Care Queensland's Residential Care Advisory Committee for over a decade. JU&A regularly assists all major industry associations.

The Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA)

James Underwood worked with the DoHA for five years, finishing in 1987 at the level of Delegate. We are pleased to advise that JU&A has been the recipient of many Commonwealth Grants through the Aged Care Program Support area to assist homes to meet standards and prepare for accreditation. James also directly assisted the Commonwealth in creating the current payment arrangements through participation in the Aged Care Working Advisory Group (ACWAG) working group on Payroll Tax and Superannuation Guarantee funding. James was also a member of the Expert and Technical Advisory Group (ETAG) for the Commonwealth Pricing Review under Professor Warren Hogan. We work closely with DoHA officers in every state and the ACT to assist with, for example, client enquiries; client/Department liaison; interpretation and implementation of legislation; and minor dispute resolution.