JU&A has a wealth of experience in successfully applying for :
- Residential care places
- Level 1, 2, 3 & 4 Home Care Packages (formerly  CACPs, EACHs & EACHDs)
- Capital and community /    flexi care grants,
- ZRILs,
- CDCs,
- Approved provider status, and
- Extra Service Status.

We have a team of qualified consultants and experienced support staff to ensure the highest possible likelihood of success of our clients/’ applications. Of the organisations JU&A applied for in ACAR 2012/13, 74% had success. JU&A successfully applied for the only new nursing home in Northern Sydney - an 89 place service.

We can assist with all aspects of preparing applications for residential care places including research; demographic and statistical analysis; as well as preliminary feasibility studies to help gauge the likelihood of success of your proposal.  We also have a chartered accountant on our ACAR team who is highly experienced in successfully preparing the Residential Care Financial Information

We can assist with applications for: 

HOME CARE (formerly CACPs, EACHs & EACHDs)

In reflection of the great growth in consumer choice to age at home for as long as possible, the last 5 ACARs have seen an enormous increase in the number of Home Care Packages applications that we have assisted clients with, and with an excellent success rate. In the 2011 ACAR, a very few packages were allocated with only WA being able to apply for EACH and EACHDs! 



We can assist with applications for capital grants, ZRILs and flexi care grants. In ACAR 2012/13 JU&A successfully applied for over $10million of ZRILs.


JU&A can assist with all aspects of seeking and  achieving approved provider status for the delivery of residential, home and flexible care from assisting with identification of key personnel; arranging police checks; to writing the full  application. 



Extra services approval enhances income and allows new bond-paying residents to keep maximum pension entitlements and minimise Income-Tested Fees. 

JU&A is highly experienced in seeking and gaining ES status. Getting the application (and approval) wrong can give you an unworkable ES section in your facility.  We have successfully gained ES status for more than 150 facilities since the new benchmark-based system was introduced in 2003.
In the 2011 round, all of the 28 applications submitted by JU&A were approved, securing more than 22% of all new ES places nationwide!

We are also fully involved in the implementation of ES including marketing, staff training and setting flexible bond and fee arrangements.

Contact us for further information on application and assistance in achieving and successfully implementing ES at your facility.